First comes knolling, then comes assembly

I begin every project by knolling out all the parts. And, being from a graphic design background, I typically try to make it functionally appealing.

For those who are unaware, to knoll something out means to lay out all of the bits and pieces of a project so you can see them all before you begin assembly. If you do a google search for knolling you can see some products carefully separated out into their smallest bits. It’s art when it’s done well:

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Let’s Build: Google Analytics

Google Analytics has the honor of being the first modification to my bog standard WordPress install. I am now able to see which articles are getting the most attention which will help me decide which content to post in the future.

For those who are interested in adding Google Analytics to your site, the following two links should tell you all you need to know.

How to find your Google Tracking ID

WordPress plugin for Google Analytics

Behance, or not to Behance

So, I’ve done it. I created a Behance account and am posting some work for the world to critique. For too long, I’ve let my online portfolio sit on my local drive with no intention of posting it back online.

One thing I’m certain about, my Behance portfolio needs quite a bit of work. For the time being, most of the work posted will been the core project elements themselves without much visual ceremony around them. In time, however, that will change. It will be quite fun to put package up my work in a nice way again.

About The Daily Maker

Who am I?

My name is Charlie Stroble. I am a designer in the Kansas City area. I’ve worked professionally on everything from interior design to enterprise software experience design. Currently, I lead a User Experience group that stretches from here in Kansas City to Berlin, Germany. Also, I’m a Founding Designer for a Kansas City startup called Emmersive.

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