About The Daily Maker

Who am I?

My name is Charlie Stroble. I am a designer in the Kansas City area. I’ve worked professionally on everything from interior design to enterprise software experience design. Currently, I lead a User Experience group that stretches from here in Kansas City to Berlin, Germany. Also, I’m a Founding Designer for a Kansas City startup called Emmersive.

My wife and I have three beautiful girls and the four of them inspire me every day. I have quite a lot of fun working in the gardens with my girls, drawing with them, and of course, taking them to dance, gymnastics, and tee-ball.

What can I find at The Daily Maker?

Like most designers I know, I’m often more intrigued by the process of making something than the final output it creates. I love to see how things come together, and am infinitely more excited about unexpected paths the creative process takes me down. In most cases, the vision I had starting a project is unrecognizable when the final product is produced.

There are many reasons for the differences in my initial vision and the final product. I learn as I go, I learn about the people I’m making something for, I better understand how I can help them solve their problems, and I learn more about my craft.

During my career, I’ve learned a great deal from others. I feel now is the time to start documenting my work to pay what I’ve learned forward.

The purpose of The Daily Maker is to share my processes, thoughts, and decisions on design and making.

I’ll use this site as an example for how I take a project through the my design process. I’ll share the projects I’m working on, and also share other things that I find awesome. Finally, this site will be a work in progress itself. It will start as a standard WordPress blog, and as time goes on, I’ll make changes and publish the reasoning behind each change.

I think it’s pretty important to note – I get things wrong. I don’t shy away from being wrong about a design choice. I feel that each wrong choice leads me to a better one. So please feel free to point out things that should be improved in my work. I love critique.

I hope you join me for the ride. It should be a good one.


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