Let’s talk Top Gear

I’ve watched Top Gear pretty religiously since season 7 or so. I watched all the previous episodes on Netflix and was uncharacteristically broken when Jeremy, Richard, and James walked away from the show.

The reason I bring this up is that Top Gear (like Mythbusters I’d argue) is one of the best shot televisions shows ever. It’s beautiful. The cinematography had become the 4th presenter on the show.

For those who don’t know, Top Gear is back. It’s got a new feel and presenters, but one thing is back in classic Top Gear fashion — cinematography. I watched the first two episodes and laughed a little, and I was even wrapped up a bit in their first big adventure. But more than anything, I caught myself wanting to be in the car next to them traveling through amazing landscapes. I’m glad that’s back.

I have no doubt when the original crew launches their show on Amazon Prime, they will continue transporting the audience to new and different places of the world. Once they do, it will be great to have two shows that do it so adeptly.


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