Let’s Build: Perceptive Experience T-Shirt Art

Every once in a while at my job I get to work on a side project with some creative freedom. This last week was one of those times. We are about to release a new version of our software and are going to print up some t-shirts to celebrate. My team and I worked on some artwork for the project. This is what we came up with:


Below are some in progress shots of the artwork. First, I started with a pencil sketch of some characters for a general layout. Then, I brought the characters to life a little, before moving to the computer to finish them up with a Wacom.

I’d never drawn with Wacom before and it took a while to get used to. I’ve seen people use them to create amazing things, but like most tools, there is an inherit skill in using it. For me, it felt a bit like my hand wasn’t attached to my body while drawing. After drawing the first character, I’m sure my ‘CMD’ and ‘Z’ key’s are about warn out. After a while, I got a bit better, but its still WAY more challenging than using pen and ink.



For color, I found the Wacom completely awesome. It was so fast to color in shapes, add depth, and finish them.


All in all, it was a fun project to do. The last thing left is to age the art a bit so it looks like it was drawn in the 50-60’s and get the shirts printed. I’ll post an update when the shirts are done.


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